Saturday, November 29, 2014

HFCRC Marcothon - AND...we are BACK!

After a super successful 2013 Marcothon, some of us folks have decided to slap old man winter in the face and DO IT AGAIN.  We know the forecast for 2014/2015 winter is even more daunting than last, we are up for the challenge. 
OK...let me first catch all of you up on WHAT Marcothon is.
Last year I posted this initial HERE for all the rules and history. And as before, all the traditional Marco-rules apply, and I will continue to pursue the additional ante of ONLY running outside, all DECEMBER LONG.
You can also learn more at the Facebook event:
And here it outlines the basic rules once again:
Welcome to the 6th Marcothon.

The rules are simply, you must run every day in DECEMBER. Minimum of three miles or 25 minutes – which ever comes first. The challenge starts on December 1 and finishes on December 31. And yes, that includes Christmas Day.

It's not a competition. Just a personal challenge or an incentive to burn off some beer and turkey dinners. 

The history: This all started in 2009, when Marco challenged himself to run every day in November. I decided to follow suit and run every day in December. I posted the challenge – and dubbed it the Marcothon - and before I knew it there was a group of runners equally eager to embrace the winter conditions of December 2009. In 2010, the group was added to Facebook and attracted over 500 runners from across the globe. Last year, we had over 2000!
So...I encourage you to read first read our blog from last year at  Here Jefrey, Rick, Eric, and I blogged each day about our trials and tribulations to outwit the weather, squeeze in our miles, stay healthy, and have fun!  From outdoor midnight straddle runs to travel family runs, it becomes not only a way to stay in great holiday shape, but also test the body's mental and physical limits while also prepping for the great post-holiday marathon training season that is lurking around the corner.
Here goes nothing fellow Marco-maniacs....may the gods of warm weather, light laundry, and family patience wrap us in their speedy shoes with healthy steps along the way!