Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 31- Uecker - Are you gonna be in my dreams tonight?

Marcothon was pretty tame this year. No big snows. No injuries or major illnesses. Just running, running, running. Overall drama free.

Until today that is. Final run of Marco, and 2014 all in one. December decided to show up today. -6 windchill when we headed out the door and it felt like it. First mile my fingers were freezing. After two miles my energy was gone and I was just hanging on as Catherine ran away from me a bit. Just after mile 3, Priscilla, Gavin and Andrae came back to bring us home. That was a really nice touch considering I was about to start walking.

We were almost done and Catherine caught her foot on a root in the trail. It was a very nasty fall. Bruised knee and very sore shoulder are the early prognosis. Wine tonight for New Year's should help. (follow up - 1 week later, she's going for an MRI to see if it might be a torn rotator didn't help after all).

As for the wrap up. This was a goofy Marcothon for me. I started not sure how/if I was going to even finish the first week and after the second day I had found my motivations. Numbers. I decided I was going to post every day. I then dedicated myself to try to find the number of the run at some point in my route and take a picture of it for this blog. Lastly that I was going to try to come up with a title related to the number of that days run to put in my post. The first two I was successful with, the third was almost. Ruminating these things helped as I ran. Kept me from thinking all of the time, "I'm way to old for this shit." Just thought it some of the time.

I figure if you've been reading these I should give you the source of the titles (mostly song lyrics or movie quotes) so here we go:

1 - Just what I was feeling that day
2 - Led Zeppelin II, Side 2, Track 2
3 - song by Fun Boy Three
4 - the fourth Bond film and my favorite
5 - Henry V
6 - Big Hero 6
7 - Magnificent Seven
8 - 8 Mile
9 - Grade 9 / Barenaked Ladies
10 - Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
11 - Oceans 11
12 - Oceans 12
13 - Oceans 13
14 - Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now) / Cracker
15 - 15 Steps / Radiohead
16 - Sweet Little 16 / Chuck Berry
17 - Temptation / Heaven 17
18 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
19 - Nineteen Forever / Joe Jackson
20 - Matchbox 20...or not
21 - Freedom at 21 / Jack White
22 - Catch 22
23 - Here Comes the Sun
24 - 24
25 - 25 or 6 to 4 / Chicago
26 - I had nothing. Neither did the internet
27 - America / Simon & Garfunkle
28 - 28 Days
29 - 29 Years / The National
30 - Thirty Years of Tears / John Hiatt
31 - The End / The Beatles

Thank you to everyone that I ran with, made comments or just read my mindless posts. Without all of you, I don't finish this again this year. May you all have a blessed and healthy New Year.

Overall Marcothon was 96 miles for me this year. 5 less than last.

It's carved in stone! It's done.

And in the end, the love you take
Is equal to the love you make

Days 30-31-Cordero- My Top 10!

Wow. It's December 31st! Not only did I run at least 3 miles a day for 31 days in December, but I finished 2014 off with a bang by doing an 8 mile run (my longest this month) with Andrae and Gavin.   I thought it'd be appropriate to have a top 10 list for the month. Overall, the entire month was wonderful and other than Christmas Day and the day after Christmas-also known as Boxing Day, come to find out-I would have to say I enjoyed every run. So I will do my best to cover the highlights (and they aren't necessarily in order---so don't be offended please!)

10. Run through Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at GSU
9.  Fun run with Loni Elmore
8.  Post Intense Conditioning 3 mile run
7.  6.5 mile run with my good friend, Yvonne (2nd longest run this month)
6.  The couple runs Tabitha and I somehow managed to do together, especially the hung over one after Wine Time. :)
5.  4 mile fast push with Eric Bauer
4.  5 mile run through Izaac Walton with Gavin
3. In spite of my bitchin' about it-running while Alex biked and yelled through the neighborhood, "Do you like me, Mom?"
2. Marco Straddle midnight run with the HFCRC crew
1. Run through Izaac Walton with my awesome hubby, Keith <3

This month would not have been anywhere near as fun if it weren't for all these people and all my running friends. You guys make running and life fun and I am so grateful for all of you! I wish you all an amazing New Year filled with blessings and some awesome running. 'Til next year, Marco!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 30 - Uecker - Is this a place I can rest my poor head

One more day left. That's all there is. Today's run was more like a shuffle run, but it is done. Most of the runs this year have been solitary experiences, but in the spirit of those that haven't been I give you this:

Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said "You're holding back"
She said "Shut up and run with me"
This road it is my destiny
She said "Oooooh, shut up and run with me"

We were runners of the night
A straddle run done with Miller Lites
Helpless to the cold and fading light
Oh we were born to run together
Born to run together

She took my feet I don't know how it happened
We took the road And she said

Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said "You're holding back"
She said "Shut up and run with me"
This road it is my destiny
She said "Oooooh, shut up and run with me"

Some pull-on tights and some beat-up sneaks
My Marcothon, Juliet, running dream
I felt it in my chest since she looked at me
I knew we were born to run together
Born to run together

She took my feet I don't know how it happened
We took the road And she said

Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said "You're holding back"
She said "Shut up and run with me"
This road it is my destiny
She said "Oooooh, shut up and run with me"
(Oh c'mon girl)

Deep in her eyes I think I see the future I realize
This is my last chance
She took my arm I don't know how it happened
We took the floor And she said

Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said "You're holding back"
She said "Shut up and run with me"
This road it is my destiny
She said "Oooooh, shut up and run with me"

Oh don't you dare look back
Just keep your eyes on me
I said "You're holding back"
She said "Shut up and run with me"
This road it is my destiny
She said "Oooooh, shut up and run with me"
"Oooooh, shut up and run with me"
"Oooooh, shut up and run with me"

Day 30 is done and with it just one more.

Train station parking - Flossmoor

Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 29 - Jason - Is it possible to foam roll too much?

Well, it is?  Nothing hurts as good as a foam roller.  Tight calves and quads ... roll em out.  If you do not foam roll you now have a homework assignment to research the amazing benefits of this innocuous contraption.

Picked mine up on a random trip to TJ Max.  While perusing the randomness that is TJ Max I happened across a lonely roam roller still in original packaging for $10.  Yes, my wife gave crap stating I would never use it.   I showed her!

This nights 5k was to the gym again.  Met the wife and we swam for a 2nd day in a row.  I could get used to this.

Marcothon is coming to an end. Time to begin mentally preparing for my 7 mile trail race this weekend.  Looking forward to it!

How about that run?

Day 29 - Uecker - I run up to the rainbow girl, just to pass her by

Today was nuts! The virus I thought I was over seems to have mutated into something else, so now my sinuses feel crappy instead of my throat. Thought I would head out in the morning, but one thing led to another, led to another...

Finally got out at about 4:30. My first twilight run of this years Marco. I knew where my number for today was, I just had to try to get there before I lost all light. I did. Pretty straight forward out and back run today. Almost got hit by a car, that didn't signal, flying around a corner. That got my adrenaline pumping just a bit. But all's good. 

Day 29 is all comfy and cozy at home. 2 days left!!

Street address - Flossmoor

Days 27-29- Cordero- Negative Dump Splits!

Haha!!! Made you read! Do you really think I'd boast about a negative dump split? However, I did really have negative splits resulting in my fastest Marco run this month! 

Just 2 more runs to go! My other goal is to hit 110 miles this month, so I think if I do just over 3 miles both days, I'll hit that. I expect these 2 runs to be a piece of cake. Not much going on tomorrow (anyone want to run? message me) and already have an Izaac Walton run planned for New Year's Eve with Catherine, Rick and whoever else is coming out. 

It really has been a wonderful year for Marco. Very few rain, cold, snow runs if any. I will have to get on the next goal bandwagon in order to avoid the January post-Marco "down in the dumps" feeling.

I don't have any marathons or other races in the horizon, but my plan is to be marathon-ready and train for one just in case. We will see how that works out. For now, I am happy to be almost done with Marco. Til tomorrow.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 27-28 - Jason - Swim Cooldown

My mane is Jason ward.  I am doing this marcothon thing because I like challenges.  I completed this challenge last year but a few of my runs were on a treadmill.  My foal in 2014 was to run exclusively outdoors no matter the conditions and to run 5k.  Thus far I have been fortunate as the weather here in the midwest has been quite mild, only seeing a couple runs in sub 30F temps.

I have stayed true to my goals and have executed a 5k each day of December outdoors including Christmas day.  If I do this challenge in 2015 I will have to up it a notch.  Possibly increase the daily mileage to 4 miles or add a biking requirement of 10 miles per day.  Well, I have 11 months to figure it out.

My run tonight was a 1-way trip to the gym where I met my wife with my gym bag for a bit of a swim.  The run was cold but the water was a balmy 83F.  Might have to make this run more often although it is slightly less than 5k I resorted to a short detour.  In addition I lost about .25 miles due to the fact my Garmin was paused unknowingly.

Here is tonight's run:

Day 28 - Uecker - Even a pain in the ass needs someone to take care of them.

Yeah, the title applies to me. At least that's how it feels on some days.

Was absolutely wiped out from driving back from Michigan this morning. Wanted nothing more than to sit back in the laz-y-boy, maybe crack an adult beverage and probably watch the Lions lose (was right on that one). But with the end in site and Catherine vowing to me that I would only have to run half of the last four by myself, I got moving. 

Was glad that I did. Today ending up being a much better run than the last few days. Could breathe a bit easier. Ankle feeling a lot better, until I stepped in a hole in the road. But even that didn't really dampen what felt so much better than the last few days. I think we ran at a pretty slow click but felt more fluid and more energetic. Maybe these last few won't be quite so bad after all.

Three left and probably a bit more importantly, now less than double digits of miles required to finish. That's a pretty darn good feeling.

Day 28 - get thee to a dunnery!

Business address - Flossmoor

Day 27 - Uecker - Michigan seems like a dream to me now

Without a doubt, this was the hardest run of the 2014 Marco. Ankle was still bothering me. The virus that I've been fighting seems to be a bit better, but I feel really drained today because of it. On top of all that I need to drive to Michigan today to visit with family. Looking forward to the family part, not the drive part. Because of the drive I've decided to invoke the minimum today. Was going to run for 25 minutes and call it a day.

Only problem with that idea was I was running so slow that I didn't get back home in 25 minutes. All in all a pretty crappy run, but it is done.

Day 27 in the books.

Business address - Flossmoor

Day 26 - Uecker - Untitled

This was not an easy run. Day after trail running. Running by myself. Still dealing with a high ankle sprain and fighting off a virus. Just not fun. Feel like I'm just to close to the end to quit. Not for those lame excuses. So I ran. I finished.

Day 26 - done.

Apartment building - Flossmoor

Friday, December 26, 2014

Days 4-26 - Jason The Slacker

Twas an amazing night for a run.  48 and clear skies.  Just cool enough for a long sleeve shirt and lightweight tights.  I sincerely do like running in the cool dark cover of late nights in December.  After 10/11pm the streets are quiet and headlights few.  Cars are the least of my worries.  Treacherous uneven pavement and low-hanging branches continuously try to take me out.

My legs are killing me. Yesterdays trail run hurt more that I planned.  Copious amounts of stretching and foam rolling should do the trick.  I may even attempt an early morning bike ride of 20-30 miles if the weather continues to to be mild.

Here is my run for the evening.

Days 20-26- Cordero- We almost ended up at the ER

Well, not really. I didn't know yesterday that today would really be the hardest run this month. Even with the tropical weather we had today, it was difficult to run. Eating a million tamales, turkey and drinking wine probably didn't help none. Being exhausted from preparing for and hosting 20 people yesterday probably didn't help either. Today was the first day I got to sleep in since I've been on vacation. I had a friend coming over at noon, so I had about 30 minutes to squeeze in the 3 miles. I bit the bullet and ran. What I really wanted to be doing was this.

After the run, Keith comes home yelling "I need help" as Daniela fell at the park and was bleeding. Thankfully, we did not have to make a trip to the ER and she is happy as can be again. Damn seesaw at Willow Park. I hate that thing!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 25 - Uecker - Feeling like I out to sleep

Christmas day run. Got up. Took the dogs for a walk. Got home and the tree lights were on. I guess the 12 year old had been up since about 5. 

Put the cinnamon rolls in the oven. Fed the troops. Headed out to Izaak Walton for our run with friends. 

That was fun. I think this was the first time I ran in Walton this year. Every time I wanted to go there the trails were flooded. Then later in the summer I think I just plain forgot. 

6 more to go. I think I'm nursing a slight high ankle sprain. Hopefully it will just stay slight.

I hope that everyone had a peaceful Christmas.

Day 25 is done.

Address of a friend that I miss from Flossmoor

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 24 - Uecker - The only reason that you're conscious right now is because I don't want to carry you.

Running in the rain. Running partner is back. Running into Priscilla, another Marcorunner.

All in all a pretty good day. Stopped to get my number at the barbershop in Flossmoor (didn't stick with it) but some great looks while I did it. The barbers had no idea what I was doing. Of course, maybe I have no idea either.

Best thing...7 left.

Day 24 in the rearview.

Soon to be Metra platform - Flossmoor

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 23 - Uecker - It's been a long, cold lonely winter

Today was just goofy. Stopped to answer a text and didn't realize until I stopped to get my number of the day and my watch stopped so I'm not sure what the mileage was. 2 combined runs made 3.25 on the watch. Think it was closer to 4.  Anyway. Uneventful run except for the fact that it seemed like it was the first time I ran in the sun for weeks.

Had to mix it up a bit with the blog title today. Went away from the number reference and just went with a weather reference.

Day 23 has been posted.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 22 - Uecker - Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.

Today seemed to be a repeat of the post straddle run from last year as I remember it. Woke up. Felt good because I hadn't run in almost 36 hours. Got out there and felt like crud. Thankfully that didn't last all that long. Got moving and it ended up being a pretty decent run. Not exactly sure what the distance was today. I forgot to un-pause the Garmin after I got my number of the day picture. Oh well. Made sure it made 3 miles before I stopped anyway. Gave serious thought to just quitting when I got close to home, but I didn't.

The big deal about today? Only single digits of runs left. Hopefully that means finding the motivation to run will be easier not harder. Going to try my best to keep it positive and keep the hammers down. Well not really. Not like I've been running all that fast, but I'm going to try to keep just getting out the door and being Nike.

Day 22 is done.

Garbage can - Flossmoor

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21 - Uecker - Make me walk on salt

Straddle run - Part 2

After our hydration stop at the Fifth Quarter, a lot of Miller Lite and Jameson shots were consumed, we set off at about 12:15. I think Tabitha and Joel drew the short straws to run with the old guy. Again another run with great conversation. 

I think the Lite helped my breathing. Didn't have any issues with my diaphragm on this run, but my hips weren't too happy with me. 

Encountered my first real ice of this year's Marco, even though it was only about 2-3 steps worth.

Almost to the end Joel and Tabitha headed toward Lassen's and I toward my car. When I was almost there 2 women were coming out of a salon on Ridge road. They looked at me like there was something wrong with me running at almost 1 in the morning on a Sunday. I could have said that there is something wrong with them coming out of a salon at that time. I still haven't figured out what handbook says that if you are sweaty and wearing tights that you are the crazy one. We all are in our own way. Our's just gives more freedom to drink beer. 

Which is what we did at Lassen's to celebrate the end of another incredibly fun straddle run. Thank you to all who were apart of it, but especially to Gavin, Tabitha and Joel for keeping me company and making it a lot less of a struggle than it could have been.

Oh! Almost forgot. We closed the bar!

Day (early morning) 21 has been put to bed.

Lassen's address - Homewood

Day 20 - Uecker - Insert your favorite Matchbox 20 song title here ____________ (I don't have one)

Straddle Run - Part Uno

We met at Fifth Quarter. It was a dark and mysterious bunch. People didn't know what to make of the group of running hoodlums assembled on the sidewalk outside the bar...

Not really. We met. We ran. As we set out we all decided that even if you broke your ankle at the beginning of the run, as long as you writhed around in pain for 25 minutes it was going count for meeting your daily Marco requirement, so there was no pressure for a fast pace. That was good for me. It had been a long day.

Was a pretty good run for as tired as I was. Gavin was nice enough to stay with me the whole way. My body was revolting against starting a run at 11:25 and had some difficulty with cramps along the way. Was definitely good conversation and a pretty satisfying run. Finished before midnight at the Fifth Quarter and we celebrated the first half being done. Priscilla posted pictures.

Day (night) 20 is in the books.

Office building address - Homewood

Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 17, 18, 19 -Cordero- The differences between Joel's and Priscilla's brain

So all this running and all these miles really gives you time to think. Almost too much time. So the other day, I spent 3 miles thinking about the differences between Joel's brain and mine. Yeah, I know. I was just really intrigued by his math post the other day and how he thinks, prays or does math while he runs. I would definitely say I think and pray on runs, but I DO NOT do math. Listen to music, yes, but math, no. Don't get me wrong, I love math, but I just use my GPS watch for purposes of figuring out when I am going to finish and my pace and such. I am just as obsessed as Joel with my pace though and that is why I look at my watch (how many times was that Gavin, 45 times on a 3 mile run?)

Another implied difference is that while Joel will spend a run doing math, I'll spend a run thinking about Joel doing math...So of course, Joel, I am guessing on some things here, but your brain seems to work in more logical ways.

Being able to focus on doing math while running also requires enjoying the details. I like the big picture. Keith will start to share an engineering project with me or why his guitar sounds the way it sounds and my eyes start to glaze over. Just tell me how I make money on this engineering project. Just play the guitar. That's me. I don't need to know how it works necessarily. :) I know, that's blasphemous to you engineers, but it's just the way my brain works. And I do admire you guys for these traits. I'm not bashing anyone here, just philosophizing as a result of having WAY to much time to think while running WAY too much.

I'm also too ADHD to do math while running or anything else for that matter. So on that note, while writing this, my mind has wandered to where I will be in March----Puerto Rico baby!!! See pic below. Hasta la proxima!

Day 19 - Uecker - We'll all be rock 'n' roll stars Immortal on TV

Not much to report today so I'll just go with this:

And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran, I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away

Day 19 is dun.

Garmin - on my arm

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 18 - Uecker - I'm worse at what I do best

Today's run stunk. 

Not really, but it sure was full smells. Laundry, wood smoke, diesel, perfume.  But best of wall wort or mash from the Station. Not positive because I'm not sure where in the brewing process they were, but I know it was early. I know that smell well. Helped to make this a pretty much mindless run. 

Cold. Raw. What do I expect? It's Marcothon.

I will close as I have the last 2 days...

SO I say to myself - "Good day, Rick. Good run. Sleep well. I'll most likely quit this in the morning."

Day 18 is hitting the showers.

Address sign - Homewood

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 17 - Uecker - Step by step and day by day

Well now. That's the kind of weather I've come to know and expect (loathe) for a Marco run. I think that was coldest run so far of the 2014 Marcothon. Don't get me wrong, it was much better than the crappy, cold misty shtuff we had yesterday. At least from a motivation stand point for me. But not necessarily easier for me to run in. 

So far this year the most I've gone is 2 layers. Today I almost needed more, but I didn't. Was good with 2. Glad of that. Except I think my fingers would like more layers than the gloves I had on.

Not sure if this is a blog post or a ramble. I have a glass of wine in front of me so I think I will end it here. In closing I think this as appropriate today as yesterday.

SO I say to myself - "Good day, Rick. Good run. Sleep well. I'll most likely quit this in the morning."

Day 17 has been put to bed.

Address rock - Flossmoor

Stine- Days 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 - Injuries under control and HALF WAY DONE!

Blogging has not been my forte this year :/  BUT, RUNNING STILL IS!  Yep, I haven't missed a day, and everyday I ran between 3-6 miles the last 5 days.  I'm still wearing the night splint boot to bed every day and fancy insoles in all my shoes.

Day 13: I ran up against a hard clock...lunch with a friend :). It was cold but beautiful out!

Day 14: This was my hungover 6:30am 5 miler with the HFCRC crew.  Yep, P and I tore up wine time the night before.  But, the run flushed out my system and felt great after!

Day 15: Another holiday party the night third in a row.  Thank goodness I have Marco to get me back on track each day.  Today I squeeze in a quick 3 while my son was at a birthday party (long story...but nearly had my mother of the year award stripped for almost missing it!)

Day 16: Early 6am 3 miler with P.  We screamed loud at the 1.5 mile mark (half way done!!!)

Day 17: Couldn't get out of bed but squeezed in a 4.5 mile lunch run through Flossmoor... it was great!

Luckily, I have photo evidence of a few of the runs!

Day 16- Cordero- CANNOT SLEEP

Yes, I am up at 4:20 a.m. and have been half the night. :( Problem is I was dead and went to bed at 9:15, Keith kindly woke me up at 12:45 (not on purpose), and I've been up since....Now what do I do?

I did my day 16 run yesterday morning, should I do day 17 at 4:20 a.m.??? I HATE running before 6 a.m. especially if there is no reason for me to do that. My alarm clock is set for 6:15 to run at 6:30 and I am supposed to meet Tabs (maybe)...

So now I sit here and ponder, do I run or do I try to sleep and get up in less than 2 hours to run? But what if I sleep and then can't get up at 6:15? Mark Madison should be up, maybe I should see if he's running?

Marco, what have you done to me? I am a wretched mess! On the positive side, I did get all my Christmas cards done. I will thank you for that Keith and Marco. :)

There is no way in hell I am posting a half asleep, pj-wearing selfie of myself, so here is another best-case scenario (especially since this is pre-kid era) picture of Keith and I. Sleep tight!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 16 - Uecker - They're really rockin' in Boston

Hmmm...math problems, fake injuries, yelling on your morning runs....

All very good ways to mark the passing of the half way point of this month long trek that we have decided to embark on. Me, I just did a little Rocky shuffle at the 1.5 mark. 

I hated today's run. Cold misty weather, as I think I've said before, it probably the hardest for me to get motivated for. Just said to myself, let's get this one done. So I did. And as I promised yesterday, I didn't quit today. 

SO I say to myself - "Good day, Rick. Good run. Sleep well. I'll most likely quit this in the morning."

Day 16, and the half way point, are a wrap.

Construction signage - Flossmoor

Castady - Injury Bug bites!

Ha! Just kidding. I was just looking at the stats and the post that generated the most views was when Tabitha had an injury scare, so I'd figure I'd go that route. God knows my running hasn't been much to write about. I've done all the runs somewhere between 4-6 miles, and some have been mindless runs with little to no effort, and some have been 9PM runs where I dragged my butt out of the house because I "had" to run today. Anyway, I've made it 16 days into this and now it's kind of all downhill from here. However, starting tomorrow this thing definitely gets harder. Today is officially my last day of work for 2014. Without the monotony of work everyday, I actually have to plan my runs and make time for it. This is definitely where things will get tough.

Joel - Day 16 of 31 - 51.6% Complete

Well, we've officially made it past the half way mark. I like math. I don't like writing. Hence the number of my posts can still be counted on one hand.

To pass the time while running on the treadmill I do one of three things: math, think or pray. Like all things, I only do one at a time.

Today I was busy doing math trying to figure out how many 100th's of a mile I was going to run in 30 minutes. I usually start trying to predict the exact ending point as soon as I settle on the pace I want to run for the day. Frequently, I end up deciding to start slow and end up talking myself into a pace I have no business running. Needless to say this game I play gets played several times as I readjust my plan for the day.

Once I settle on my pace, I try and figure out how many 100th's of a mile I run in one minute. Then I test for a minute and see if I did the math right. Then I start paying attention to the remainder at the end of each mile. How many seconds into the next minute for the next 100th. This can occupy a small mind like mine for a good portion of the run. I was very pleased with myself today when I correctly predicted to the 100th what I would finish with 2.5 minutes before I finished.

Now that part about thinking and doing math at the same time comes back to haunt me. As I was posting about another successful marcothon day in the books I  realized the thinking math combo a fourth grader could do that would have got me the same answer in about 10 seconds. I planned to run for 0.5 hours at 6.5 mph, 6.5/2 gives 3.25 miles.

You have now confirmed your suspicion that at least one marcothoner is certifiable. Here's to avoiding the marco police for another 15 days or 0.484 Decembers.

Runner #5

PS - I'm having fun with the runs but I'm having even more fun with the recovery swims. I've made it 7 times in 16 days. I average about 20 minutes a swim and complete somewhere between 10 and 50 laps but I can't keep track anything when I swim so I just don't know.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 12-15- Cordero- Take that Marco!!!

I really cannot remember what happened on days 12 and 13, so suffice it to say I ran. Oh, just remembered...Tabitha and I went to wine time (thank God we had run in the morning) and then we ran 5 miles hung over Saturday morning (a first for both of us).

Ah, yes, this is my hubby and I on day 14. That was on the Marco bucket list by the way. Do at least one run with Keith this month...It was a long shot as he said there way no way in hell he'd be running in the cold. Well, yesterday was 50 degrees and just beautiful, so we were able to subtly pawn the kids off on my mom and get out at Isaac Walton together. It was sooooo nice.

I'd have to say, I am kicking Marco's butt and enjoying it in the process. We cannot complain about the weather we've had thus far and I have not had to run before 6 a.m. at all this month. I'd say that is a success!

Here are some ways I've kicked Marco's a** this month:

1. Run after an excruciating 9 hour strategic planning session
2. Run in the snow
3. Run in the rain
4. Run with a 6 year-old boy yelling "Do you like me, mom?" for 1.75 miles.
5. Run prior to a 12 hour work day
6. Run hung over (see above)
7. Run immediately after a 1-hour intense conditioning class in Homewood

There are no excuses, people! You can handle anything! I may be jinxing it, but "is that all you got, Marco?"

Day 15 - Uecker - How come I end up where I started?

The top of the hill is now it sight. Not there just yet, but at 1.5 tomorrow I will be. 

Was feeling okay today. Until I started running that is. My feet are really sore. It's nowhere near what Tabitha is dealing with having plantar going on (I've had that too, so I know), but just really sore. Having a feeling that they are just really tired and need a rest. 

But that ain't gonna happen. At least not tomorrow. 

I felt like I was just waddling out there today. Maybe I was. I know I wasn't moving very well. Guys doing all the tree trimming in Flossmoor were kind of looking at me like I was insane. Maybe. But like Catherine says, "it's willful insanity." I can quit whenever I want to. 

But that ain't gonna happen. At least not tomorrow.

Forgot to mention in yesterday's posting that Day 14 was a shorts run! Was thinking that I would be able to do that today too with what the forecast was, but I chickened out and threw on a pair of tights. I guess if I want to complete the picture I should maybe look into getting a tutu. Nah. Not my style. 

So anyway, I haven't quit yet. I don't plan to tomorrow either. Wednesday might be another story.

Day 15 is in the log. Now if I only had a fire to put my feet up next to...

Another realty sign - Flossmoor