Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 9 - Stine - WebMD to the rescue!

I have mentioned it before, but the plantar fasciitis hit an all new low yesterday, causing me to second guess every step in my day after my 6am day 8 run, all the way till bed time.  After too much "medical online research" and a professional consult (thanks Mel!), I ordered a night splint and new orthotics for my shoes.  But....till the Amazon drone deliveres - I just splinted myself :)

I decided that today, day 9, should be like a rest day.  If I ran super early day 8 and then the evening of 9, that's a rest day in the Marco-world!
So I left the ghetto home made night splint on all night and woke up today feeling great. After work at 5:30pm, I ventured out in downtown Homewood from the train and did my Marco-minimum.  It was a beautiful Christmas light-snow flake in your eye randomly-35 degree run.  AKA....PERFECTION!!!
As I head to bed again with my night splint on and regained confidence, I yearn for tomorrow.... It's the big 10.  Woo hoo...double digits!


  1. Freeze a water bottle and roll it under your foot after your run or in the morning. Come get a massage

    1. Whoa... This massage concept you mention sounds amazing!!! Send me details!!! :)