Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 1 - Stine - Hello Again Early Alarm!

It's been a long time (too long and too embarrassed to confess, even on here) since I actually GOT UP when my early morning running alarm went off at 5:30am.  I often would describe the running facet of my life as being "manic".  When I have a race on the calendar and miles to upload to RunKeeper/Garmin, to say I'm dedicated would be an understatement.  I will meet people at ridiculous hours after little sleep to get the miles in, over analyze the data, and watch my eating to extreme levels.

Now let me introduce you to the other side of me: "Fun-Tab" (as my husband says).  This version of me is who you've been seeing a lot of recently.  She eats a lot, drinks a lot, sleeps a lot, and  - guess what - I like her :)

But, for the last ten years, I've been extremely happy and functional with this cycle of one to two crazy races a year where I toggle between Manic-Tab and Fun-Tab.  Fun-Tab came out this year a little bit after Ragnar this summer and Manic-Tab was drifting away after a two marathons back to back in the Fall and Spring of 2013/2014 and Ragnar in June.  She still ran 4-5 5ks this summer and fall at respectable times, but definitely didn't allow her to wake up any too early to train for them...and never let a Blue Moon or Burger sideline her goal of fun.

I'm pretty happy to say that following a gain of 10 pounds, a couple fabulous vacations, and tons of "fun" with friends and my crazy family and 3 kiddos, Manic-Tab is rearing her head.  She loves the challenge of Marcothon.  She loves having a deadline for real measurable miles each day.  She loves scouting the hour-by-hour forecasts to squeeze in the runs, and the NEED to purchase new gear on Cyber Monday to wear all month long :)

I look forward to hopefully completing Marcothon again as our HFCRC team did last year.  I hope we get at least one group midnight straddle run in.  I hope we all find a way to get refocused for spring marathon season knocking on our door.  I hope we at least shed a bit of these challenging holiday (or in my case "Fun-Tab") pounds.  I hope we build a community of runners who are inspired to find 25-30 minutes every day for themselves.  Time when their spouses/kids/bosses aren't demanding anything from them.  Time to refocus on ourselves and the reason for the season :)

Day 1, Marcothon in the books!

"Fun-Tab" woke up for this!!!

Monday Run

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