Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 5-7 - Pagel-Straton Weekend Holiday Fun

Day 5- It was another round the block in a figure 8.  My running partner is still on injury reserve and is waiting for me to get back to go to the Dr.  I was hopeful his foot wasn't broken, and I was right.  It turns out he had an infection in his paw.  My mom and I spent the evening at the Holiday Lights Festival.  I carried on daughter for 2 hours after running. My back and legs really got a workout today.

Day 6-I had to get a quick run in before we headed to the Cristkindlmarket.  I was able to run in the daylight, so I took a different route.  My knee hurt by the end and was a little swollen.  I'm feeling less than optimistic about this.

Day 7-I managed to work some of the kinks out of my knee and ran in the daylight again today.  Today's run was by far the best.  It was still only a mile, but I haven't felt this good running since last year.  Bring it Marcothon

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