Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 11 - Stine - Over the 1/3 hump!

Not much to report today:

  • We are over 1/3 done!
  • I ran before work, so a 3.5 mile run followed by the previous night's 5 mile run about 12 hours apart makes for none of that "recovery" stuff people talk about
  • Evidently Priscilla and I were out running the same time, in different parts of time - the exact same time!
  • I slept last night in my new shnazzy night splint for my right heel pain - I tossed and turned with that dang thing on, but darn it, I think it's going to be my savior!
  • I invested in new heel cups to wear all the dang work, in my snow boots, running my slippers around the house.  No more bare feet walking!  
  • I only ran early today because tonight I have a birthday party with margaritas in my future.  NO ONE wants to see me run after that!
  • I am knocking on wood as I type this...but does anyone from Marcothon last year think that Mother Nature is handing us the most AMAZING Marcothon weather EVER?!?  By this time last year I had plowed snow multiple times, ran on the subzero lake front....I mean seriously, this year is UNBELIEVABLE <knocking on wood again>
  • Random observation: When I grow up, I want to deliver for UPS.  They come to my house  This guy gets to run for his job...short stints, but he is in great shape, and gets paid.  Yep, when this career thing of mine doesn't pan out for me anymore, I'm going to get my weekly mileage delivering for UPS.


  1. REALLY?! Did you have to bring up the weather? Great. Now we're doomed...

  2. Lol, Rick. Seriously, Tab! If it is subzero within the next 5 days, I'm blaming you. :)