Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 10 - Uecker - I'm running on the bad side

Well now. Day 10. 

No motivation+can't get warm+unknowingly being dehydrated=quickest run of 2014 Marcothon.

Not sure how that happened. Might have been the music. Might have been the light snow falling. I really have no idea. Just know it happened and it's done. And I'm glad it's done. We're now fully into the double digits and I'm thinking that motivation will be a lot easier from here on out...


Fat chance that the I'm too cold, I don't want to run today, I hurt blahs don't come and bite me in the ass at least 10 more times in the 21 runs left. I'm going to put the over/under at 15 and I'm betting the over.

10 runs. 10 duns.

Flossmoor Station - Should have stopped in for a beer

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