Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14 - Uecker - Think I'll drive to find a place, to be surly

Again, a not so easy day. Up early to go to a swim meet in the city. When I got up my chest felt heavy. Thought I might be coming down with the flu that Catherine has. Thankfully that didn't last so off the the meet we went. Was on my feet for a couple hours timing so by the time I got home my legs felt like lead. 

Wanted to just take a nap but knew I needed to get this done. Downed some caffeine and headed out the door. Just wanted to find my number for my picture and make it through my three. Did both, so I'll call it a successful run and leave it at that. Don't want to jinx things. 

Been thinking of another song to re-write but it's not there yet to be worthy of the blog. Maybe I'll sit on it for a few more days before I really get crackin' on it.

Day 14 is in the ledger.

Address in Flossmoor


  1. These kind of challenges really get you going! I'm at every other day right now and have been feeling a bit worn - not enough stretching (plus age).

    Keep it up! Looks good.

  2. Thank you, James. Just trying to keep moving. I'm feeling very worn myself right now. After 16 it's all down hill on this.