Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 3 - Archer

My friend, training partner, and twin (we share the exact birthday), Bart has not been very supportive of this madness.  Whether my participation in Marcothon set me up for the many running related injuries that I suffer in 2014 or not, his concern is that I don't get injured again.  There is some self interest in that he was hit while riding his bicycle this spring and all of our planned events were cancelled for us (my cancellation from injuries).  We have 2015 plans such as the bicycle event TOSRV West over Memorial Day weekend (2 days, 224 miles, 8000 ft of climbing) and at least two triathlons.

Wednesday is our noon recess run and usually includes my swimming nemesis, the six packed french accented Muriel, Joel the beast that is 10 years our senior while still killing us running, swimming, and biking, and anyone else to wants to come play.  We have be running a little slower to accommodate my getting back into running.  Today Muriel's friend Gator (she is a dolphin in the water) came along with Muriel.  Bart knew that I had ran the last two day, but that didn't get in the way of having the pace be faster than we have been running.  Muriel and I are about the same in running pace, Gator is naturally faster, and Bart is a little faster than that.  My exertion rate fluctuated between 9-10 while they were talking like they were at a 6-7.

Mile one was fine at 9:33.  Mile two dropped to 8:57.  Let's not stop there as they stretched mile three to 8:38.  The last .8 miles they eased up to 8:47.  I can't complain since I finished and didn't pass out when we stopped.

I ran with MapMyRide+! Distance: 3.80mi, time: 34:11, pace: 9:00min/mi, speed: 6.67mi/h.

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