Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4 - Stine - Plantar Fas#&!#&#!

Ok... Yesterday was great, and today sucks.  I remember this from last year: body is still great at day 3 - and day 4 is when the revolting kicks in...and yep, that's today.  My mid day 5 mile run yesterday followed by an early 6am marcominimum today  proved tortuous for my right heel.  I ran about a 9:30 pace and it started to feel better (or maybe I got used to it) about 2.9 miles in. Tomorrow I'll have to run late in the day to gain a little recovery time if it all possible.  

The only silver lining to getting out early was most Christmas lights were still on - including ours that already are victim of a burnt out reindeer...two days in :/

Side note, I've had spurts of plantar fasciitis for nearly 5 years, with no long term solution. Any ideas or magic pill, please shoot them over!


  1. No solution for the plantar, but it seems to be a whole lot better for me in the Brooks Adrenaline. Know it's probably a heavier shoe for you, but it might work.

    1. Is it a stability shoe? I also have THE flattest feet :/