Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 of 31 - 6.45% complete

Unlike some reluctant Marcothoners, I willingly chose to participate. I am not known for my ability to stick to a plan. I haven't lasted more than two weeks on any marathon training plan. There is always something more important that makes me alter the schedule "just this one time." The Marcothon police aren't nice like the regular police. One misstep and you are out, which is what I need to get done what needs done.

I picked my job over running this summer and fall and have the conditioning and figure to prove it. This December I'm going to pick running and perhaps trade back some of my figure. I completed the marcothon last year and it whipped me into shape for spring marathon training. We'll see how it goes this year as I have been the model of inconsistency since I stopped last year's Marcothon in late February.

To prepare for the marcothon I have been swimming and biking a few times a week so I could exercise back to back days without getting too sore. I am enjoying swimming more and more. I still can't swim for more than 10 minutes without forgetting to breathe and/or trying to drink the pool. Unfortunately it doesn't go down smooth or easy. Still it is a vast improvement from where I started last month. I'm reluctant to give away all the hard earned gains I've made in staying afloat. Hopefully I'll throw some time in the pool each week this December as well. Time will tell.

Here is to successfully completing the Marcothon and not extending my losing streak to Tim!

Day 1 - 3.32 miles - 32 minutes
Day 2 - 3.1 miles - 25 min 30 sec and 20 minutes in the pool

Totals - 6.42 miles - 57 min 30 sec - 1 trip to the pool

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