Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 15 - Uecker - How come I end up where I started?

The top of the hill is now it sight. Not there just yet, but at 1.5 tomorrow I will be. 

Was feeling okay today. Until I started running that is. My feet are really sore. It's nowhere near what Tabitha is dealing with having plantar going on (I've had that too, so I know), but just really sore. Having a feeling that they are just really tired and need a rest. 

But that ain't gonna happen. At least not tomorrow. 

I felt like I was just waddling out there today. Maybe I was. I know I wasn't moving very well. Guys doing all the tree trimming in Flossmoor were kind of looking at me like I was insane. Maybe. But like Catherine says, "it's willful insanity." I can quit whenever I want to. 

But that ain't gonna happen. At least not tomorrow.

Forgot to mention in yesterday's posting that Day 14 was a shorts run! Was thinking that I would be able to do that today too with what the forecast was, but I chickened out and threw on a pair of tights. I guess if I want to complete the picture I should maybe look into getting a tutu. Nah. Not my style. 

So anyway, I haven't quit yet. I don't plan to tomorrow either. Wednesday might be another story.

Day 15 is in the log. Now if I only had a fire to put my feet up next to...

Another realty sign - Flossmoor

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