Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2 - Stine - Penalty for Sleeping In

First off....reading the other posts, you'll notice some slander to me.  Me, the big tough bully who pinned the other Marco-maniacs in a corner and pulled their thumbs back till they screamed "uncle" and agreed to do this "fun" event.  Here's a little secret, they only told their spouses that.  In reality, they were all elated to take on Marcothon and no traditional South Side "persuasion" occurred.

This morning, well, only on the second day, I hit the snooze on my alarm too many times.  Yep, before I knew it, I was up against a hard clock.  The clock of my husband leaving for work and me needing to catch my own train.  With only 25 minutes to run and not knowing exactly which train he was catching today, I did an out and back mile, and then did the dreaded "lace the road", back and forth.  The purpose of this: I was scouting when he'd come outside to warm up his car and in the event he had to leave, I'd be outside running back and forth from stop sign to sign "supervising" the three kids for a few minutes from the outside window while assuming Lord of the Flies wasn't happening in the bathroom.

Luckily, as I was finishing, he was walking out the door.  No children went unsupervised, no tears were shed, and no Marco-miles were lost.  Seriously - this crap should be happening on day 19, NOT day 2!  ARGH!

Whatever it takes :/

6:15am ....I guess that's my 18 degree face :)

Side note, after I scurried inside, took a shower, and took the train to the city, I saw this while running to work.  Note, I run most days to and from work.  The mileage doesn't really add up... it merely helps me get from Point A to Point B faster.  Today I stopped at this sign.  This is lower Wacker Drive on Michigan and South Water Street in .  Just to my left are about 6-8 men sleeping under blankets.  The weather is awful.  I would have loved to see this area in action on Thanksgiving.  This wasn't a sanctioned event by the city, but most likely someone like me who passes by here every day and said, "these people need help".  Remember the reason for the season...
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  1. Hilarious opening. Remind me not to read this at work next time.