Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14-Pagel-Straton - accomplishments, failures, and teeth

On day 12, I conquered the demons that were trying to talk me out of running.  Thank you for all the motivation to suck it up and do it.
  On day 13, I failed to run.  The day was filled with back and forth from work to home. Home to feed or eat and back to work. I got a text from my husband that he found the baby's first teeth popped through.  I was so excited and a little jealous that I didn't discover this, but I'm happy he got to experience a first by himself.  After work was a bridal shower. I had no time to plan dinner but had time to run, but I didn't have the energy. Spout for dinner it was. Mmmm Mediterranean.
On day 14, I decided to make up for a lost day.  I ran double (which is 2 miles for me). I was doing great until I got a cramp in my diaphragm that just wouldn't quit, so I walked until it let up.  Then back to running, 2+ miles! to make up for the walking.  I was very thankful for the extra quiet time since we have a teething baby.

I may have failed marcothon, but I will not quit until it's over.

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