Monday, December 8, 2014

Castady - Days 2-7

Going into this challenge, I knew the challenges would be on the weekends (and the blogging). I like my routines and when I have them to lean on, I’m usually pretty consistent. On work days, it’s pretty easy to get my run in. Everyone at my work knows that from noon to 1PM (maybe 15 minutes extra every once in a while) it’s “Greg Time.” I’m not at my desk, because I’m at the gym running. On the few occasions that I don’t run at lunch, people look at me funny and ask me if I’m hurt.

So the first 4 days of this challenge were relatively easy. I go to work, run at lunch, and be done with it. However, Friday – Sunday are always more challenging. It’s just tougher for me to drag my butt out the door. I did survive the first weekend though, even though it did involve running 5 miles last night at 8PM, which I would never have done if it wasn’t for this thing. My mileage for the week was somewhere in the low 30s, but it’s done and I’m back in the comfort of my routing. The real challenge will be starting on the 17th, when I have no work for the rest of the year. Without the routine, it’s going to be tough. Hopefully the momentum of the previous 16 days will carry me through the end of the year.

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