Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 28 - Uecker - Even a pain in the ass needs someone to take care of them.

Yeah, the title applies to me. At least that's how it feels on some days.

Was absolutely wiped out from driving back from Michigan this morning. Wanted nothing more than to sit back in the laz-y-boy, maybe crack an adult beverage and probably watch the Lions lose (was right on that one). But with the end in site and Catherine vowing to me that I would only have to run half of the last four by myself, I got moving. 

Was glad that I did. Today ending up being a much better run than the last few days. Could breathe a bit easier. Ankle feeling a lot better, until I stepped in a hole in the road. But even that didn't really dampen what felt so much better than the last few days. I think we ran at a pretty slow click but felt more fluid and more energetic. Maybe these last few won't be quite so bad after all.

Three left and probably a bit more importantly, now less than double digits of miles required to finish. That's a pretty darn good feeling.

Day 28 - get thee to a dunnery!

Business address - Flossmoor

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