Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stine- Days 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 - Injuries under control and HALF WAY DONE!

Blogging has not been my forte this year :/  BUT, RUNNING STILL IS!  Yep, I haven't missed a day, and everyday I ran between 3-6 miles the last 5 days.  I'm still wearing the night splint boot to bed every day and fancy insoles in all my shoes.

Day 13: I ran up against a hard clock...lunch with a friend :). It was cold but beautiful out!

Day 14: This was my hungover 6:30am 5 miler with the HFCRC crew.  Yep, P and I tore up wine time the night before.  But, the run flushed out my system and felt great after!

Day 15: Another holiday party the night third in a row.  Thank goodness I have Marco to get me back on track each day.  Today I squeeze in a quick 3 while my son was at a birthday party (long story...but nearly had my mother of the year award stripped for almost missing it!)

Day 16: Early 6am 3 miler with P.  We screamed loud at the 1.5 mile mark (half way done!!!)

Day 17: Couldn't get out of bed but squeezed in a 4.5 mile lunch run through Flossmoor... it was great!

Luckily, I have photo evidence of a few of the runs!

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