Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Days 30-31-Cordero- My Top 10!

Wow. It's December 31st! Not only did I run at least 3 miles a day for 31 days in December, but I finished 2014 off with a bang by doing an 8 mile run (my longest this month) with Andrae and Gavin.   I thought it'd be appropriate to have a top 10 list for the month. Overall, the entire month was wonderful and other than Christmas Day and the day after Christmas-also known as Boxing Day, come to find out-I would have to say I enjoyed every run. So I will do my best to cover the highlights (and they aren't necessarily in order---so don't be offended please!)

10. Run through Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park at GSU
9.  Fun run with Loni Elmore
8.  Post Intense Conditioning 3 mile run
7.  6.5 mile run with my good friend, Yvonne (2nd longest run this month)
6.  The couple runs Tabitha and I somehow managed to do together, especially the hung over one after Wine Time. :)
5.  4 mile fast push with Eric Bauer
4.  5 mile run through Izaac Walton with Gavin
3. In spite of my bitchin' about it-running while Alex biked and yelled through the neighborhood, "Do you like me, Mom?"
2. Marco Straddle midnight run with the HFCRC crew
1. Run through Izaac Walton with my awesome hubby, Keith <3

This month would not have been anywhere near as fun if it weren't for all these people and all my running friends. You guys make running and life fun and I am so grateful for all of you! I wish you all an amazing New Year filled with blessings and some awesome running. 'Til next year, Marco!

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