Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 4 - Uecker - Thunderball

Only four in and I wasn't sure about wanting to do this one. Was pretty easy though. Catherine surprised me this morning by staying home for my birthday. Got the kid off to school and then headed out. 

Was a remarkably different run than last year. Last year was about 55 and rain. Ran in shorts and ran a minute for every year I was old. This year it was supposedly 32 but felt much colder and only ran 3 miles. Trying to really pace myself to make it through the month if possible. And being another year north of 50, I think I should conserve as much energy as possible. 

Was a nice relaxing day. We finished the 3, walked home and then headed out and saw Birdman. I give it a thumb way up. After that was the Station for lunch and a birthday beer. 

Day 4 - and another year - are now officially in the books.

It's #4. Not sure if there is a better number.

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