Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 12-15- Cordero- Take that Marco!!!

I really cannot remember what happened on days 12 and 13, so suffice it to say I ran. Oh, just remembered...Tabitha and I went to wine time (thank God we had run in the morning) and then we ran 5 miles hung over Saturday morning (a first for both of us).

Ah, yes, this is my hubby and I on day 14. That was on the Marco bucket list by the way. Do at least one run with Keith this month...It was a long shot as he said there way no way in hell he'd be running in the cold. Well, yesterday was 50 degrees and just beautiful, so we were able to subtly pawn the kids off on my mom and get out at Isaac Walton together. It was sooooo nice.

I'd have to say, I am kicking Marco's butt and enjoying it in the process. We cannot complain about the weather we've had thus far and I have not had to run before 6 a.m. at all this month. I'd say that is a success!

Here are some ways I've kicked Marco's a** this month:

1. Run after an excruciating 9 hour strategic planning session
2. Run in the snow
3. Run in the rain
4. Run with a 6 year-old boy yelling "Do you like me, mom?" for 1.75 miles.
5. Run prior to a 12 hour work day
6. Run hung over (see above)
7. Run immediately after a 1-hour intense conditioning class in Homewood

There are no excuses, people! You can handle anything! I may be jinxing it, but "is that all you got, Marco?"

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