Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 16 - Uecker - They're really rockin' in Boston

Hmmm...math problems, fake injuries, yelling on your morning runs....

All very good ways to mark the passing of the half way point of this month long trek that we have decided to embark on. Me, I just did a little Rocky shuffle at the 1.5 mark. 

I hated today's run. Cold misty weather, as I think I've said before, it probably the hardest for me to get motivated for. Just said to myself, let's get this one done. So I did. And as I promised yesterday, I didn't quit today. 

SO I say to myself - "Good day, Rick. Good run. Sleep well. I'll most likely quit this in the morning."

Day 16, and the half way point, are a wrap.

Construction signage - Flossmoor

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