Monday, December 29, 2014

Days 27-29- Cordero- Negative Dump Splits!

Haha!!! Made you read! Do you really think I'd boast about a negative dump split? However, I did really have negative splits resulting in my fastest Marco run this month! 

Just 2 more runs to go! My other goal is to hit 110 miles this month, so I think if I do just over 3 miles both days, I'll hit that. I expect these 2 runs to be a piece of cake. Not much going on tomorrow (anyone want to run? message me) and already have an Izaac Walton run planned for New Year's Eve with Catherine, Rick and whoever else is coming out. 

It really has been a wonderful year for Marco. Very few rain, cold, snow runs if any. I will have to get on the next goal bandwagon in order to avoid the January post-Marco "down in the dumps" feeling.

I don't have any marathons or other races in the horizon, but my plan is to be marathon-ready and train for one just in case. We will see how that works out. For now, I am happy to be almost done with Marco. Til tomorrow.

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