Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 27-28 - Jason - Swim Cooldown

My mane is Jason ward.  I am doing this marcothon thing because I like challenges.  I completed this challenge last year but a few of my runs were on a treadmill.  My foal in 2014 was to run exclusively outdoors no matter the conditions and to run 5k.  Thus far I have been fortunate as the weather here in the midwest has been quite mild, only seeing a couple runs in sub 30F temps.

I have stayed true to my goals and have executed a 5k each day of December outdoors including Christmas day.  If I do this challenge in 2015 I will have to up it a notch.  Possibly increase the daily mileage to 4 miles or add a biking requirement of 10 miles per day.  Well, I have 11 months to figure it out.

My run tonight was a 1-way trip to the gym where I met my wife with my gym bag for a bit of a swim.  The run was cold but the water was a balmy 83F.  Might have to make this run more often although it is slightly less than 5k I resorted to a short detour.  In addition I lost about .25 miles due to the fact my Garmin was paused unknowingly.

Here is tonight's run:

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