Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Joel - Day 16 of 31 - 51.6% Complete

Well, we've officially made it past the half way mark. I like math. I don't like writing. Hence the number of my posts can still be counted on one hand.

To pass the time while running on the treadmill I do one of three things: math, think or pray. Like all things, I only do one at a time.

Today I was busy doing math trying to figure out how many 100th's of a mile I was going to run in 30 minutes. I usually start trying to predict the exact ending point as soon as I settle on the pace I want to run for the day. Frequently, I end up deciding to start slow and end up talking myself into a pace I have no business running. Needless to say this game I play gets played several times as I readjust my plan for the day.

Once I settle on my pace, I try and figure out how many 100th's of a mile I run in one minute. Then I test for a minute and see if I did the math right. Then I start paying attention to the remainder at the end of each mile. How many seconds into the next minute for the next 100th. This can occupy a small mind like mine for a good portion of the run. I was very pleased with myself today when I correctly predicted to the 100th what I would finish with 2.5 minutes before I finished.

Now that part about thinking and doing math at the same time comes back to haunt me. As I was posting about another successful marcothon day in the books I  realized the thinking math combo a fourth grader could do that would have got me the same answer in about 10 seconds. I planned to run for 0.5 hours at 6.5 mph, 6.5/2 gives 3.25 miles.

You have now confirmed your suspicion that at least one marcothoner is certifiable. Here's to avoiding the marco police for another 15 days or 0.484 Decembers.

Runner #5

PS - I'm having fun with the runs but I'm having even more fun with the recovery swims. I've made it 7 times in 16 days. I average about 20 minutes a swim and complete somewhere between 10 and 50 laps but I can't keep track anything when I swim so I just don't know.

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