Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pagel-Straton - Long Blocks & Figure 8's

I have decided to take on this challenge after not running more than 10 times in a year.  I have made modifications to guarantee that I complete this mission.  I am running 1 mile a day with the intention of increasing to 3 miles a day by the end of December. I will use a treadmill when necessary, as having a 5 month old child does not always make it easy to do things for yourself. Let's brief on the first four days.

Day 1- What do you do when you have a baby on a cold day, a husband with a crappy job schedule, a need to make dinner, and commitment to yourself to complete Marcothon?  You run laps in your house.   120 laps to be exact. At least I had company, a dog who follows me everywhere and a baby that probably now knows how to count to 10. 10 and turn around, 10 and turn around, and so on, and so on.  1 mile completed, dinner made, dog exercise, and baby entertained.

Day 2-Much less eventful.  1.25 miles in Izaak Walton before work.  I am lucky enough that this beautiful gem is also my parents' backyard.....and that my dad is my babysitter.  I was not dressed properly, since I was planning to run on the treadmill, but I am so glad to run outside...and alone.  Sweet Silence

Day 3-Here we go again.  I have plans tonight and no sign of a husband.  Its nice out so let's take it back outside.  Here I go, baby sleeping in the stroller (bundled beyond belief), dog in tow, and me thinking it was a little warmer than it was.  This was officially my first time running with the stroller, so I took it REALLY easy.  This one did not go well.  I pushing a stroller, pulled a dog, and was a little cold.  We got that mile in, with some walking breaks.  Don't worry, the baby was warm when we got home,

Day 4- The dog, my running partner, is on injury reserve. I was worried today was going to be like day 1 with hubby working late, but he got home at a decent time.  He wants to work out in the house, so I put him on baby duty.  Dinner is prepped, some of it in the oven.  Time to run.  Its dark by now, so I'm not taking this run through the park.  Truth be told, our park is a little creepy at night. I took a note from Tabitha, and I decided to run around the block and figure 8 through the next block.  1 mile complete in one lap.  I thought for sure that would've taken longer.  I'm thankful for long blocks.  I kept going.  I had it in me. 1.5 miles down! I am sore and out of breath, but I am so proud of myself. I can do this.

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